1. Choose a collection point near you

Check out our map of collection points and enter your postcode in the search box to find your nearest one.

2. Choose a loaf and subscription type

Have a look at our selection of breads and decide which you want, then choose how frequently you would like to receive it. The buttons will take you to our secure checkout page, where you'll also be able to choose your quantity, start date, collection point and (if you're ordering monthly) the week of the month you'd like to receive our bread.

3. Update your subscription whenever you like

Log in to your account to change your subscription plan or quantity, cancel or send us a message e.g. about pausing your subscription.

Want to try before committing?

No problem! Try our one-off options for each of our loaves or one of our variety plans. Alternatively, get in touch with us to see about organising a tasting session in your community.

If you're a business, or you’re planning a big event...

We would be more than happy to work with you to create custom orders of bread and other baked goods at wholesale prices. Get in touch to arrange a chat or a visit to our kitchen.