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Now available: 5 incredible focaccia flavours,
including a Focaccia Variety Plan!


we are an Artisan sourdough bakery based in Coventry training and hiring refugees

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about us

we serve our community with really good bread and create fulfilling jobs for refugees. We're passionate about building a business that provides a sense of dignity, purpose and belonging for its bakers.

Our bread

We use a homegrown sourdough starter to make slow-risen loaves with a signature tang. We approach bread with a spirit of excitement and experimentation - one of the results of which is our deeply flavoured rye and hazelnut loaf which uses a dash of decaf coffee.

Our bakers

We have an incredible, talented bunch of bakers. We provide flexible, supportive employment and work with local organisations to find people interested in our training courses. At the end of each course, we employ as many training graduates as possible, and coach and mentor the others to find opportunities to use their skills elsewhere.



1. Choose a collection point near you

Check out our map of collection points and enter your postcode in the search box to find your nearest one.

2. Choose a loaf and subscription type

Have a look at our selection of breads and decide which you want, then choose how frequently you would like to receive it. The buttons will take you to our secure checkout page, where you'll also be able to choose your quantity, start date, collection point and (if you're ordering monthly) the week of the month you'd like to receive our bread.

3. Update your subscription whenever you like

Log in to your account to change your subscription plan or quantity, cancel or send us a message e.g. about pausing your subscription.

Want to try before committing?

No problem! Try our one-off options for each of our loaves or one of our variety plans. Alternatively, get in touch with us to see about organising a tasting session in your community.

If you're a business...

We would be more than happy to work with you to create custom orders of bread and other baked goods at wholesale prices. Get in touch to arrange a chat or a visit to our kitchen.


OUR bread

If you aren't familiar yet with our ordering process, please have a look at our quick guide on How to Order, or click here to choose a Collection Point close to you.

v - vegan

Variety plan - now including focaccia!

For those who want to try all our products before deciding or who just like to mix things up, we’re offering a rotation of different breads at each delivery. This includes all our standard loaves, and will also mean you'll be the first to try any products we're trialling. Tell us if there's anything you don't eat and we'll be sure not to include it in your deliveries!

Choose your order

Small sourdough boule (v) - new!

Our sourdough boule are made using signature bakery starter and slow-proven for over 18 hours. The perfect size for a single person or small household! Contains wheat (gluten). May contain traces of nuts and sesame.



Ciabatta (v) - new!

Made with extra virgin olive oil and our very own sourdough starter these ciabattas are a perfect breakfast or lunch staple. Slow risen with a light sourdough tang. Contains wheat (gluten). May contain traces of nuts and sesame.


Simple sourdough (v)

A crusty white and wholemeal loaf with a distinctive sourdough tang. Brilliant in sandwiches, beans on toast or buttered with a hot bowl of soup. 'It just has the perfect texture; an ideal sourdough' - Dan F., London. Contains wheat (gluten). May contain traces of nuts and sesame.


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Simple sourdough rolls x4 (v) - new!

Crusty outside and fluffy inside, these bread rolls are perfect for a breakfast or lunch bap. Slow risen with a light sourdough tang. Contains wheat (gluten). May contain traces of nuts and sesame.



Multi-seed sourdough (v)

A wholemeal loaf packed full of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, rich in protein, minerals and healthy fats. Try this with your favourite nut butter for a perfect breakfast or midday snack. Contains wheat (gluten) and sesame. May contain traces of nuts.

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Hazelnut and rye sourdough (v)

Dark, complex and studded with hazelnuts. Jazz up your everyday sandwich with this unforgettable loaf. Contains wheat (gluten) and nuts. May contain traces of sesame.

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Current collection points and pick up times

Choose your nearest collection point from the map below. Let us know if you would like the contact details of the volunteer for your collection point.

A. CHRIST CHURCH CHEYLESMORE, Sunday 11.40am - 12.10pm


C. WESTWOOD CHURCH, Sunday 12.15 - 12.45pm

D. WELLSPRING LOUNGE, EARLSDON METHODIST CHURCH, Saturday 11am - 12pm and Sunday 10am - 12pm



G. WARWICK UNI FOOD CO-OP STALL, Thursday 2 - 4pm during term time

H. WRIGHT HASSALL, Thursday 1 - 2pm (for WH staff only)

I. ELECTRIC WHARF, Friday 12.30 - 12.45pm (carpark)

J. FARGO VILLAGE CONTAINER NO.8, Saturday 11.30am - 5pm


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