sourdough focaccia

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v - vegan

Focaccia variety plan (v)

Treat yourself to a regular rotation of delicious sourdough focaccias with a range of classic and Middle East-inspired toppings. Perfect for lunches or savoury breakfasts, our focaccia will brighten up any meal on any day.

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Classic sea salt and rosemary focaccia (v)

This simple yet stunning focaccia topped with crispy rosemary and crunchy sea salt flakes is sure to be a timeless favourite. Have it for breakfast or an afternoon snack, or impress guests by serving with dips and extra virgin olive oil.

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Za’atar (thyme, sesame & salt) focaccia (v)

Za’atar is one of the Middle East’s best beloved spice blends. Paired with focaccia, the result is a herby, aromatic match made in heaven. Try it with olive oil and thick, plain yogurt for an authentic Syrian breakfast!

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Muhammara (red pepper paste, onion & nigella seeds) focaccia (v)

Our bakers have got us hooked on muhammara, a classic red pepper dip created in Aleppo, Syria, using spicy Aleppo chillies. It gives a smoky, savoury, slightly sweet flavour to this focaccia and is absolutely addictive.

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Sun-dried tomato, garlic and oregano focaccia (v)

The bright, classic flavours in this focaccia evoke the sun-drenched Mediterranean countryside, with a tomato-y tang that’s perfectly balanced by mellow oregano on a chewy, slow-proven sourdough base.


Porcini, hazelnut and thyme focaccia (v)

Savour the velvety flavour of porcini mushrooms together with a toasted hazelnut crunch in this luxurious focaccia. A wonderful treat for an everyday meal.

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