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v - vegan

Variety plan - now including focaccia!

For those who want to try all our products before deciding or who just like to mix things up, we’re offering a rotation of different breads at each delivery. This includes all our standard loaves, and will also mean you'll be the first to try any products we're trialling. Tell us if there's anything you don't eat and we'll be sure not to include it in your deliveries!

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Simple sourdough (v)

A crusty white and wholemeal loaf (800g) with a distinctive sourdough tang. Brilliant in sandwiches, beans on toast or buttered with a hot bowl of soup. 'It just has the perfect texture; an ideal sourdough' - Dan F., London. Contains wheat (gluten). May contain traces of nuts and sesame.


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Simple sourdough rolls x4 (v) - new!

Crusty outside and fluffy inside, these bread rolls (160g each) are perfect for a breakfast or lunch bap. Slow risen with a light sourdough tang. May contain traces of nuts and sesame.



Multi-seed sourdough (v)

A wholemeal loaf (800g) packed full of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, rich in protein, minerals and healthy fats. Try this with your favourite nut butter for a perfect breakfast or midday snack. Contains wheat (gluten) and sesame. May contain traces of nuts.

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Hazelnut and rye sourdough (v)

Dark, complex and studded with hazelnuts (800g). Jazz up your everyday sandwich with this unforgettable loaf. Contains wheat (gluten) and nuts. May contain traces of sesame.

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